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Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support Terms

At xRM, our goal is to ensure that our customers receive the utmost in support and service as an extension of their CRM solution experience.

The following page describes the terms for Infrastructure Support and Application Support for our Partner Hosted CRM service.


Our Partner Hosted CRM customers should direct all Infrastructure Support questions, including account management and service availability inquiries to Support.

Infrastructure Support

Infrastructure support is defined as changes and/or modifications to the items as listed below and incur no additional cost to our customers:

  • Account Management
    • Password resets
    • User additions or deletions
    • Organization additions or deletions
  • Service Availability
    • Verification of service availability
    • Response to xRM service outages
    • Response to xRM infrastructure outages
    • Error messages
    • Timeouts

Application Support

Application support is defined as support for any services related to the CRM application and is not included as part of your standard Hosted CRM subscription.

Additional requests for application support will require the purchase of a 10-hour block of prepaid hours. Prepaid hours are consumed in 30 minute increments for services regarding questions on use of CRM, modifications, customizations, configurations, troubleshooting and/or changes to the CRM application not included in the out-of-box solution. We will be unable to respond to requests for application support unless a 10-hour prepaid support agreement has been executed and there is a minimum of 30 minutes remaining on the agreement.

Hosted CRM customers who wish to minimize their costs should first visit the Success Portal for application support.

Examples of Billable Support Questions

Most questions that begin with the phrase “How do I” will fall under that category of Billable Support. Billable support questions will only be answered if the customer submitting the request has a support plan with time remaining.

Examples of billable support questions:

  1. How do I integrate CRM with Outlook?
  2. How do I reference a price list in a quote?
  3. How do I create a workflow in CRM?
  4. How do I assign security roles to my users?
  5. How do I integrate QuickBooks with CRM?
  6. How do I migrate my data from an older system?

Any request for support or service that is not within the scope of Infrastructure or application support, will not be accepted. If at any time the support or service issue is discovered to have been internal to xRM, there will not be a charge assessed.

Customers may purchase our services by registering at our xPortal, Please have your credit card information available at the time of registration.

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