Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the cloud

CRM Minute videos

Our CRM Minute videos provide you with a quick (approximately one minute long) and effective way to learn about important topics in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The purpose of the videos is not to show you how to do something but instead quickly let you know that it can be done. Obviously, if you find a CRM Minute video helpful or intriguing, you can always dig deeper on your own, or we would love the opportunity to help you.

Outlook Filters

You can control precisely WHAT data is synchronized between Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics CRM using Outlook Filters.

Additional Languages

A 1-minute video showing how to add support an additional language with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Social Listening

An introduction to Microsoft Social Listening.

Adding Users to CRM Online 2015

A quick and easy to follow video explaining how to Add Users in CRM Online 2015.

Text Messaging

It's true! You can send text messages from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can do this manually, one at a time, or automatically, with a workflow. Or in bulk!

Bing Maps

Here's a one-minute video showing how to deal with the Bing Maps credentials warning when you fire up a new instance of Dynamics CRM.

SharePoint Integration

Introduction to Dynamics CRM and SharePoint Integration.

Connector for Power BI

Learn how to connect to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online environment from the Power BI Designer.

Improve your Data with D&B360

D&B360, when combined with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, can provide a rich set of source data. In this video we show in one minute how D&B360 can actually improve your existing lead data in CRM.